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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is one of the most popular adventurous activities in Nepal that attracts many passionate walkers from all around the world. Among numerous trekking packages around the foothills of Nepal Himalayas, Everest and Annapurna region treks are well known and most visited by the travelers. Joining these trekking trips in Nepal provides a wonderful chance to spectacle glorious views of Himalayas while making the way through nature redefined trails, refreshing walks through beautiful villages, landscapes and interacting with local people with insights to their culture, traditions and lifestyle.
One of the notable things about trekking in Nepal would be the diversity in trips that are on offer. Not only one and two, there are nearly hundreds of trekking trips on the basis of grade, altitudes, accommodation, regions and number of days. And these trips can be arranged in the way according to the traveler’s recommendation. Therefore there are many more ways to explore the Himalayas in different manner. From short one day sightseeing tours to multi day trekking trips, you have complete freedom to choose from. Most of the short trekking trips are targeted for those travelers who have short time to stay in Nepal and also for those who are physically unable to go for longer adventures. Still there are much more to offer in short treks, from beautiful panoramas to insightful cultures and traditions; worth to embark for. In the similar way, multiday longer treks are usually adventurous and challenging with up-close and rewarding views of Himalayas and get to know and see like never before.
Embark in for trekking adventures in Nepal during any time of the year, however peak seasons are autumn months from October to December and spring season between March to May. During the peak seasons expect the best views, atmosphere with crowd. And if your trekking style is peaceful and undisturbed then join off the beaten path trekking adventures in Nepal exhibiting true authenticity and rawness.
Plan your next trekking holiday with Buddha Eye Treks and embrace the journey filled with best of nature, culture and adventure.

Trekking in Nepal Packages

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