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Mustang Region

Mustang region is the less exposed and isolated region of the Himalayas of Nepal lying beyond the Annapurna. The landscape of Mustang region resembles Tibetan plateau and it is different from most of the regions of Nepal which are mostly surrounded by green hills. The landscape is just exceptional with rocky cliffs, barren hills and Himalayan beauty. Mustang region, especially Upper Mustang is still almost unexploited when everything is exploited or exposed these days. The reason for this is that Upper Mustang was restricted demilitarized area and not opened for outsiders until 1992. Trekking in Mustang region is getting popularity these days. Many trekkers reach Jomsom, the headquarters of Mustang district for commencing treks to explore Mustang region. Upper Mustang is the northern two-thirds of Mustang district and it is mainly inhabited by locals who still follow old Tibetan culture, trade and lifestyle. Local people still use mule for trade. Upper Mustang region is a great place to get insights into old Tibetan culture and it is often said that the region is more Tibetan that Tibet these days as Tibet was annexed by China. The remaining southern third part of the district is called Thak which is mostly inhabited by Thakali ethnic groups. Trekking in Mustang region can be an exhilarating experience for anyone.


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