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Sightseeing Tour

Nepal has many different things to offer for sightseeing. Nepal has been an extremely fascinating destination for travellers, scholars, and researchers. The natural beauty and Himalayan views, the culture and traditions, the historical monument, art and architecture, Hindu temples and Buddhist stupa and monasteries. Nepal’s vast diversity of people, rich culture & art as well as distinctive architecture renders it ideal as the most amazing & interesting destination for sightseeing.

Through Sightseeing Tour; the panoramic mountain scenery and a diversity of beautiful landscape will enchant you and make your visit one of the most romantic and memorable ones you have ever experienced. Mainly The Sightseeing Tour is done in the three most prominent cities of the country .i.e., Kathmandu- the city of Glory, Bhaktapur- the city of devotees and Patan- the city of fine art and architecture. Besides this Lumbini, Gorkha, Chitwan is also famous for having Sightseeing Tour.

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