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Bhutan is a kingdom in the heart of the great Himalaya, nestled between Tibet and India’s Assam Plains. In Bhutanits 18,000 sq. mile Bhutan offers a variety of climates, from the hot and humid jungles of the southern foothills to the temperate inner Himalayas to the frigid snow-capped peaks in the north which rises to 7700m. Bhutan’s state religion is the Drukpa sect of Kagyupa, a school of Mahayana Buddhism.

Bhutan is a Land locked Mountain Kingdom, bordered by Tibet, China, and India and has very close cultural ties with Nepal and Bangladesh. The capital city is Thimpu which is unlike any other capital in the world. The dramatic geography of the country and its exotic energetic culture and mystical atmosphere makes Bhutan one of the most magical and appealing countries in the world as a travel destination. As a travel destination, Bhutan is a prominent place with the attractive Himalayas, peaceful and warm hearted people, eye catching lush valleys and hidden evergreen forests.

The country offers the spectacular mountain views, immense scenic beauty and a unique culture and lifestyle. Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is no ordinary place. This is a country where buying cigarettes is illegal, where the rice is red and where chillies aren’t just a seasoning but the entire dish. Travel in Bhutan is really an exploration of Natural beauties, Landscape, eye catching lush valleys as well as spectacular mountain views, immense scenic beauty, a unique culture and lifestyle.

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